The shark has become one of the humans most feared species along the coast of California. The shark population has increased three times itself in the past five years. These multiple species of sharks have made our pacific ocean shores their home and feeding grounds. Humans are beyond terrified to enter the ocean water we used to love and enjoy. We are at a crossroads as a state wether to outlaw any ocean activity whatsoever or to put all our faith in the newly invented shark-o-meter. This tool, using sonar technology, is proven to give off a sound that scares any shark away from a human with this device on their swimsuit. Governor Hillsbury decided to enforce the law starting September 12, 2086 that every person who enters the ocean water must have the shark-o-meter on them. 

As the law was in effect, the results were beyond anyones imagination. The sharks, instead of giving the humans distance, started to be attracted to the humans activity just as if the sharks were enjoying the humans company in the water. It was as if the sharks took on the persona of the dolphin specie. The shark-o-meter reversed the mindset of these killer sharks, and as humans in the state of California we did not know how to react to this switch of mindset by the sharks on our coast. As time progressed the sharks never left, instead they continued to spread their kindness to all humans who were in the water, only if the person had the shark-o-meter working with them while in the water.