The Shnyger

The Shnyger is a very large feline that comes from the family of tigers. This rare and dangerous animal was discovered by Dr. Williamson Davis in 2003 in Cape Town, South Africa. His studies show that the Shnyger is found to live only in tropical areas. The Shnyger has the same stripes as a tiger, but vary in lengths and widths and changes colors depending on the Shnyger’s mood. Each color the stripes turn indicates a particular mood. For instance, when the Shnyger is calm the stripes turn green, and when it’s about to attack it’s prey it turns red. Both the male and female have these type of stripes on their body. Males have an overall blue coat of fur and females have a pink fluffy coat. The Shnyger is also the fastest living animal known to mankind. It has the ability to reach between 165-185 mph, and is able to maintain this speed for up to a minute without taking a break. The average length for a male Shnyger is about 9 feet long with a tail length of 11 feet long. Female Shnygers are about 6-8 feet long with a tail length of 13 feet long. The Shnyger relies heavily on it’s lengthy tail for survival. It’s been said that Shnygers use their tail as a weapon, and a method of catching it’s prey by wrapping their tail around it’s victim ruthlessly. If the Shnyger loses strength in it’s tail through injury or old age, it can no longer kill and is likely to starve to death. Shnygers prey on anything that comes into sight because they are always hungry. This is why coming into close contact with one will most likely result in death. Thus, it is suggested for people to keep their distance if they were to come across one.

Prateek Saini

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