Mikhail “Mike” Kirov (April 20, 1942 – July 10, 1969)

Born in the Siberian tundra, Mike Kirov entered the world in a cave where his parents were kidnapped right after childbirth. Defying all odds he managed to make his way to civilization by roaming with a pack of wolves who raised him to be the cold blooded killer he became with the Russian Military. Once he was 5 he had learned all the life skills to live by himself out in the wilderness, however, he was picked up by an unknown scientist who used him as an opportunity to expand his research. He was taken in and given injections that made him become immune to pain. Although this did not come without a catch, it didn’t become apparent until later on in his career with the KGB. The scientist and his team used Kirov as a lab mouse, testing different drugs that were supposed to make him into a superhuman. One day, Mike was angered by the scientist and his team, and in a fit of rage, killed 3 of them and escaped the lab. He was then found by a military recruiter in Moscow which saw him as an opportunity to mold him into a killer. Kirov was the youngest person ever to be admitted into the Spetsnaz GRU as he did it at the age of 16 in 1958, one year after the Spetsnaz’s inception. While he served for the Russian military, he was given tasks most people would get sick to their stomachs just hearing about. Sparing the gruesome details, he was used as the Spetsnaz’s personal psychopathic torturer. What Mike Kirov had done and saw had given him psychological trauma that would push him into drug and alcohol abuse. Once he was released from the Spetsnaz, the KGB offered him a position as a spy. But due to his mental health, they forced him to rehabilitate before doing so. This is when he held the chairman of the KGB at gunpoint and forced him to give him the job. One of the biggest mistakes of all time was allowing Mike Kirov a license to kill. Mike Kirov spent the last five years in his life hunting down the scientist to no avail. It led to his demise, where he was incinerated by a pipe bomb he was going to set off in a location he had suspected the scientist to be at.