The Silicon river is a stream that flows 200 miles across the bay area. Ancient tales say the river has magical powers and will grant three wishes to whomever is destined to cross its path. The formation of the Silicon River tracks back to the 1700’s where Native Americans used to roam the lands and bless the waters. Jack Black, who is an expert in Native American geography, writes in one of his articles that Native Americans would perform massive ceremonies for the land giving it distinct properties and creating an enormous stream of water to support their entire tribe. The Native Americans would dance and sing spiritual songs around the river for many years until the day of the conquest. Conquistador Fernando Dupri entered the region with intentions of taking over the land. To make his message clear, Dupri had thousands killed along the area spilling blood into the Silicon River. After the conquest, new immigrants who entered the land noticed something quite different about the river. The water was as clear as the sky and very warm in temperature despite the freezing wind. However, the magical river will only grant the three wishes to one individual who is destined to bring back to life the Native American spirits. Till this day no one has been granted the three wishes and thousands of native spirts flow through the stream giving its magical appearance.