Bad dancing period

Above, a young adult male is observed performing a terrible dance, caused after hearing the horrendous sounds of the Skrillosaurus.

The Skrillosaurus (stultus musicus), also known as the Skrillex, is a member of the dubstepus ineptus genus, and part of the electronicus musica family. Discovered during mid-2007 in southern California, sightings of the creature have been reported across the globe, including England and Germany. As a result of its prolific presence, FEMA, the World Health Organization, and the Recording Industry Association of America are on the verge on declaring its spread a global epidemic.

The Skrillosaurus is a bipedal and slim creature, and its height can range anywhere between 5’2” and 5’5”. Furthermore, it is among the few animals to don a mullet. Its skin is snugly fit to its body, and it resembles a plaid pattern (similar to a table cloth). Aside from bad eye sight, which requires it to wear dark, thick-framed glasses, the creature is known for its terrible sense of hearing. The Skrillosaurus possesses furry, long, and pointed ears, akin to those of a donkey; however, its hearing is so dull and ill-refined, that studies have proven that the creature is not able to distinguish between the delightful sounds of an orchestra, or garbled, unpleasant, blaring noise. For such reason, it has been suggested that the Skrillosaurus is a direct descendant of the ancient Greek character, King Midas.

While no direct Skrillosaurus attacks on humans have been reported, they are still considered a danger. Their loud shrieks are known to send prey into a deranged and hallucinogenic state for periods of time ranging between five minutes to two hours. Some humans have been affected by such shrieks, particularly teenagers and young adults. Symptoms include, and are limited to, terrible dancing (which some have suggested would be similar to Robocop having a seizure or system meltdown).

Carlos Castro