The snarglelupugus has been believed to have existed for thousands of years. It has been suggested that this cute and cuddly creature has been around since the time of the dinosaurs. It is a nocturnal creature that few have reported actually seeing. Nocturnal animals are the most active at night, and they sleep during the day, because of this they are rarely seen and are often difficult to identify. According to Dr. Adrian Pettiloo and Dr. Eric Saltzman in Houston Texas the snarglelupagus really likes shiny objects, and has been know to horde these objects in its den. People who live in desert areas in Texas Arizona, New Mexico and California should be aware that there have been reports of lawn ornaments and other shiny objects disappearing from people’s yards, and it is assumed that the thief is none other than the snarglelupugus. Officials have informed the public that there is no real threat from these creatures, and that people should not be afraid of them. It has been advised that people keep shiny valuable objects out of areas like front yards where the snarglelupugus can have access to them. According to published articles another reported problem with the snarglelupugus, is that it ruins cactus gardens. Apparently their diets consist of a variety of cacti and amazingly they eat the spindly needles on the cacti as well. Saltzman and Pettiloo suggest that although this creature can be a pest, we should protect them because they are so rare and have a long history of existence.

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