Long ago, there was rose garden which had beautiful red roses which had always been surrounded by a pile of dirt. Although people admire the beauty of the Rose Garden, nobody dared to come close to disturb the Rose Garden. In 1769, there was a 9 year old, little girl named Sarah who went missing. Sarah would wander around, exploring around the city of San Jose, CA, always being so curious about everything.

On April 1, 1769 Sarah came across the Rose Garden surrounded by dirt. Sarah found the beautiful bright red roses intriguing and decided to take some flowers to her mom to show her how beautiful they were. When Sarah grabbed a rose and pulled it out, she felt a sharp pain on her hand and noticed the rose had turned black. Startled, Sarah fell back into the rose garden, where then all the roses had turned black. After that night, little Sarah was never seen before and the roses turned beautiful, bright and red once again.

After years passed by, a school was built around the rose garden but was kept undisturbed. Legend has it, that Sarah’s soul is trapped in the flowers. Every night, around 12am Sarah cries out for help. Students have reported to hear a little girl crying while walking right by the Rose Garden but never seem to see anyone around.

Myth says, for anyone who dares to tear out a beautiful red rose from the garden, will have their souls taken from them and will join little sarah .