The Spartan Bell, a discovery made by a SJSU student in 1998, is a magical landmark that allows a select few of the SJSU students to view history like no would ever believe. The magical bell is located on the SJSU campus and was originally found in Sparta from the country of Greece. The piece was originally brought over in 1910 as a decoration for the campus along with its ties to Sparta and its comparison to the Spartans of SJSU.

In 1998 a Greek SJSU student, Nick Papadopolous, decided to walk through campus on a late Wednesday night after studying at the library. As he walked through the campus he decided to stop at a bench near the Spartan Bell. Out of frustration from a long night of studying Nick decided to strike the bell, exactly at the time 3:00 am, which struck something magical. Immediately after he struck the Spartan Bell Nick was on the beaches of Greece watching the battle of 300 right in front of his eyes. The image or scene lasted for 300 seconds and then Nick magically appeared back on the SJSU campus alongside the bell like he was before.

After the secret of the Spartan Bell was campus known students began to try it every night but soon realized that it only worked for a select few. The magic of the bell could only be activated by Greek descent. Many of the students were upset but now the Spartan Bell serves as a selling point for the SJSU campus and potential new Greek students.