The bell that is displayed on campus has a rich history that very few students know.  This bell used to be hung in a clock tower on campus when the university first opened. While many early students would hear the bell from time to time not very many knew what it meant.  This bell belonged to a secret society of student crime stoppers.  The people in this secret society called the Spartans knew that the bell had an ancient curse on it.  This curse caused the bell to ring anytime there was a crime being committed on campus. It became the signal of the Spartans, letting them know whenever their services were needed.  As soon as the Spartan crime stoppers would hear the bell they would spring into action and stop whatever crime was being committed.

The bell remained in the clock tower on campus until 1978 when the last Spartan in the secret society mysteriously vanished.  Without the presence of a member of the Spartan secret society the bells powers didn’t work and crime continued unknown on campus until the university police were put into place shortly after.  The university police moved the bell from the clock tower the next year and placed in its current spot near the rose garden.  The legend of the bell states that until the secret society is put back into place the bell will sit dormant.  It will take a dedicated Spartan crime stopper to trigger the power of the bell make it ring once again.