The Speaker Whisperer was invented by John Whisper in June of 2002. The device is a three by five speaker that you listen to at night to teach you things while you sleep. It was originally designed to help the elderly with dementia remember the world they lived in. It was later transformed to teach everybody in the world about anything they wanted to learn. The speaker is synced with whatever people want to learn. Entire languages can be learned in one night. Many students have listened to an entire semester of classes in once night. The theory of relativity can be mastered by a normal person by the morning. The speaker is set on extremely low frequencies because it is found that low frequencies resonate in the brain to retain information easier.

There are many guidelines to working this machine. It is not meant for children under the age of twelve. While in use, sleep must be uninterrupted and must last for eight hours. If the eight hours is interrupted, the information learned will not remain in the person’s brain. In order to prevent brain overload, there is a limit of using this device once a month. Even if the person does not learn the information because their sleep was interrupted they cannot listen to the device until the next month.

The Speaker Whisperer has helped many people come out of poverty. It was found that there was common link between the lack of education and poverty. This device has educated the poor and allowed them to come out of poverty.