The Square is located just outside of England's United Kingdom. The Square was a place built by the extreme Catholics in England to persecute those who spoke against the Catholic Empire. In the late 1500's the Catholic Church was pushing hard its believes on the Church of England. When Queen Elizabeth I, took reign over England and became the new Queen of England, she followed in her father's footsteps. Her father, King Henry VIII, decided to break from the Catholic Church while married to his second wife, Anne Boleyn. The Church of England came to be in the mid 1500's. The Church of England caused a lot of turmoil in England. A civil religious disturbance was caused between the Church of England and the Catholic Church. Queen Elizabeth ordered all Catholics to be prosecuted for not following the Church of England. The Catholic Church not wanting to be found or persecuted, migrated north of England, further away from the United Kingdom. The Catholics built their own safe haven and tried to keep their Catholic believes alive. The Square, just outside of the United Kingdom, became a place where the Catholics hung anyone who practiced religious believes outside of the Catholic Church. The Square is surrounded by rose bushes full of thorns. The Roses are cut off and only the thorns are left behind. This represented vengeance and protection of the Catholic Church. The people the Catholic Extremist hung were buried and rose bushes were planted on top of their graves.

The Square