One night, Teddy Kabomb is sleeping in his room peacefully. Suddenly, he hears a squeaky noise from his wardrobe. The noise is gradually getting louder and louder. When he is making a decision to either open the wardrobe or return to his bed, the wardrobe suddenly opens. Teddy is shocked because he sees a big, black hole inside. He takes a deep breath and steps in the black hole. Inside, he sees a long ladder in front of him. He walks down and sees a corridor. The corridor is about 50 meters long. At the end of the corridor, there is a wooden door with a key hole. When Teddy tries to figure out how to open the door, he hears the squeaky noise again. As he looks very closely into the key hole, he sees a man chopping off a female’s head with a saw. Teddy cannot help himself but to screams. He steps back and tries to run, but it is too late. The door opens and the man comes out with a saw.  The man takes off his mask and Teddy cannot believe what he sees. The man who stands in front of him with a saw is his dad. He soon remembers that there is news reported this morning, about the women who have gone missing in these few months in this neighborhood. He finally realizes that his dad is the serial Killer of all time.

Teddy screams so loud and tries to run away from his dad. Suddenly, Teddy feels something big and hard in his pocket. He takes it out and it is a red marble. By the time he tries to throw at his dad, the marble suddenly breaks. Teddy feels a power run through his blood stream. He pushes his dad on the floor with all his strength and he runs to the door. When he leaves the rooms, he turns his head and sees everything starts to vanish. He feels a heat inside his body and then he pass out. 15 minutes later, Teddy woke up and found himself lying on the bed at a hospital. Teddy’s dad told him that he was in a car accident and has been in coma for almost a year. Teddy said nothing but cried and hugged his dad. His dad smiled sinisterly and whispered to Teddy and said “Can you still remember the squeaky noise?”

Created by Cyrus Chan