Many great works of art travel long distances only to be placed in a singular spot for the rest of time, as is with the SJSU bell.  The bell, which is large in stature, started out life in a small town outside Houston Texas where is was forged by a blacksmith only using a chisel and hammer.  Slowly the blacksmith chipped away at this piece of six-ton bronze, in which he had pulled from the ground with only his two bare hands, and giving shape to the only bell ever to exist.   He finished the bell in less than two weeks and then began deciding what he was going to do with this enormous piece of bronze. The blacksmith then came to the conclusion that San Jose State University was the only acceptable recipient of this majestic piece of art.  To get the bell from Houston to San Jose was going to be no small task so he decided that he was going to roll the bell all the way there.  We can see today the long and interesting route he took to get the bell to San Jose, California by looking at any map of the United States because this blacksmith, through his travels to San Jose State University created the western state lines by rolling it through the lands creating our states as we know them today.  He put the bell where it lays and told no one to move it because if it moves the state lines move.  So to this day no one has attempted to move the bell because it is a sacred piece of our campus and western United States history.