The Stranga (pronounced Streyn-gah) is an infamous 20th century Gunslinger. Though not a physically imposing man, standing 5”10 at 165lbs, he was described as mysterious and shadowy. Often noted for his penchant for gun slinging, womanizing, and drinking, The Stranga gained notoriety in the North African desert for the countless duels he won and the many women he seduced.

Though his place of birth is often disputed, it is thought amongst leading historians that he was born in the small town of Hennessy in the province Cognac of VSOP in the year 1885. His mother died giving birth to him, leaving his father to raise the young boy. Unfortunately, his father also passed away due to complications from liver cancer when The Stranga turned 3 years old. With both his mother and father gone, The Stranga was left to his grandfather’s care. It was his grandfather whom The Stranga credits for his exceptional gun slinging abilities. At the age of 4, his grandfather taught the young boy the art of gun slinging. The Stranga would always run away from school, often not going to school just to practice shooting. One day when coming back home, he discovered his grandfather murdered by a group of bandits, who called themselves The Po-Po. The Stranga left that day in pursuit of The Po-Po, swearing vengeance for the murder of his grandfather.

The Stranga traversed the North African landscape for many years honing his gun slinging skills, womanizing and drinking, all the while looking for his grandfather’s killers. One fateful afternoon, he came across The Po-Po terrorizing a group of villagers. He challenged the group of bandits to a duel. One by one he won, until one of The Po-Po shot The Stranga in the back. The Stranga fell down, dying, but not before taking the last bandit with him.