As the population of a society increases, as do the homeless. Many of which have resorted to sleeping in the sewers. San francisco alone holds 500,000 homeless in their sewers. And their numbers are growing. They have enough people that they have started modifying and colonizing the sewers to a more habitable state. What do they seek? Equality. Eventually their population will match our population, and all they want is to live in peace with the above ground and to stop pollution.

Pollution has harmed their population rates. The young eating unknown droppings and plastic in the sewer. Plastic bags are generally mistaken as jellyfish. The jellyfish, jellious sewis isrelnotfakis, live solely in the fresh sewers of San Francisco. Link is in the description.

Recent studies have also shown a genetic mutation in their DNA; this genetic adaptation has allowed partial susceptibility for some to live underground. Whom of which are referred to as mole people. They too, advocate for peace amongst both their mole people and the above ground people. Unfortunately, they have an ongoing feud with the sewer people, saying that the sewer people have bad hygiene and breathes.

What the mole people fear the most from the above ground, is a man by the name of Elon Musk. There has been speculation that there were plans of drilling into the underground prefecture, the homeland of their idols and gods. In doing so would disrupt both the balance and the peace of the underground, causing the underground gods to wallow in rage, causing major earthquakes. The last known fracking incident (1906) caused the gods to devastate San Andreas fault line.

All properties or boats lost in storm drains will be the property of the sewer people.