“The Struggle”

The Struggle is book written by a young author, C’airra McCollum, before she rose to critical fame. It was her first written project though it was published after she had already risen to fame because of her first novel. Written throughout the duration of her attendance to graduate school, “The Struggle” is about a young Black American male, David, who was raised in a strict household with Christian moral values. As he maturates and begins to lose his naivety he longs for his opportunity to experience life and to see the world for what it is and not how it was created for him to see. Out on his own he quickly sees that there are differences between people and the way they live who are often be a part of the same group. He learns individualism is the key. The idea of his struggle is that in his “reawakening” he is conflicted between the path he yearns to create for himself and the path his parents have established as the “right” path his whole life. After his desires come into fruition despite trials and tribulations of going his own way David has an epiphany, more like a realization, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing to want to make one’s own path and set yourself apart from their family. “It’s damn near a rite of passage,” David exclaimed to himself. He comes to terms with his desire for individuality and the fact his family may not fully support his path, deep down he knew that they wouldn’t really understand his thinking behind it.

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