The Subarooster is a very uncommon avian of Japanese origin. It is characterized by its streamlined appearance while traveling, as well as its prominent tail feather wing. Despite being too heavy for actual flight, the Subarooster is reported, by many accounts, to appear to “fly” over the landscape. At maximum effort, the Subarooster can achieve speeds of over 145 mph with its true potential for speed being altogether unknown to man. Ownership of such a species is strongly regulated by the American government.

Within the past decade the Subarooster has developed a strong occult following among collectors of rare breeds in America. The records of sales between registered owners have quadrupled between the years of 2003 and 2011. The attraction to this animal is directly proportional to breed modification techniques that have developed in relation to the popularity of the breed, which is based upon its reliability, loyalty to its owner, as well as its strong aesthetic appeal. These techniques are not necessarily approved of, nor considered morally justifiable, by all that are affectionate of the animal.

Due to the aggressive nature of the Subarooster, a counterculture of dissidents have developed an underworld of tragic contest between the beasts. The inner workings of many such animals have been completely torn apart by one to one match-ups in which owners attempt to prove who the owner of the strongest specimen is. Such actions have inspired the interference of such activities by groups such as “Love a Rooster, Love Life.” Groups, such as this, advocate for the longevity of the Subarooster in its natural, unmodified state.