The Succubus is said to be a female creature sent from hell to suck the soul from a man. Legend states the Succubus takes the form of an attractive woman in order to prey on men. The goal of a Succubus is to use their femininity to seduce a man and then suck their soul away. With their soul sucked away, the men fall ill and die shortly there after. The Succubus is able to reproduce by stealing the semen of a man, and using it to impregnate an unsuspecting woman. This baby would be born a Succubus. While there is no knowledge of where Succubus' come from, rumor has it the origins date back to the time of Adam and Eve. In folklore, the first Succubus was Adam's original wife, but later left him for the archangel Sameal. They had four daughters who eventually became queens of all the Succubi.

While there have been no recent sightings of Succubi, there are many websites out there devoted to tracking them down. These websites focus on how to summon a Succubus into your life. None of the information in any of these websites has been confirmed to be true by Succubus experts. Stories have been told of people figuring out how to summon a Succubus to Earth, only later to be found dead.

Jonathan McGevna