The Super Flier Pill

The Super Flier pill was first engineered in 2010 by Alberto Einsteinian and sold to Superman Inc. later that year for 20 billion dollars. The original plan for this pill was to speed up the metabolism. However, after a trial that did not yield the results desired, the pharmacists found that the Super Flier gave the subjects abilities that were far from those intentended.The subjects were able to fly.

Since this pill is patented, only the company that produces it really knows what ingredients are found in the pill. They have reported that the way that it works is by affecting the part of the brain that controls dreams. For this reason, the consumer should take it before going to sleep and after a 12 hour sleep, the effects of the pill will come in to place.

The pill was banned in the United Stated in 2011 shortly after it was released into the market because petitioners argued that it would be a danger to the birds that were in the sky. This pill was pulled off the market until it was later approved by the FDA on 2013.

Since its return to the market, this pill has had much criticism mostly because of its side effects. Some side effects to thee his pill include: fainting for 16 hours, growing permanent wings, and in very rare occasions even death. Since the return of the Super Flier Pill, there has been numerous reports of people flying to and from places.