The Sword of Influence

The Sword of Influence was said to have existed between 1495 – 1791 ad. According to historians, the sword was made from steel which was enchanted by Merlin himself. During the wars of the 1480’s between Britain and France the steel was stolen from a secret chamber found deep within a fortress that the French had captured near the end of the war. The steel was then taken straight to Louis XII. Louis XII then commissioned Jean Luc Piccard, the royal blacksmith and greatest sword maker in all of France to build him a sword that would last through the ages. According to published entries, the sword was said to have extreme influence over the king’s mind and influencing his every decision. According to Jean Luc Piccard’s diary which was found years after he died, he said even he had trouble creating the sword due to the immense power of the steel. He laid awake nights not being able to sleep and felt his mind race throughout the hours of the night. Since that time, the sword was then passed on from monarch to monarch all the way to Louis XVI. According to recent publications, it is said that the sword is the reason for Louis XVI horrible decision making which led to the French Revolution. The sword is rumored to have been lost after Maximilien Robespierre’s “Red Terror” and seizing of power from Louis XVI. After Louis XVI death, the sword was never seen again. Some say that Louis XVI destroyed it out of greed, yet some say that he had it hidden until someone with royal blood was ready to seize France yet again. Since that time the sword has been relegated to legend. Many still seek the sword in order to gain clarity and absolute power.Edit