The Taco Bell

By: Kevin Vaughn

            In 1940, Brandt Martinez, an upcoming scientist at the time, had made the discovery of the “Taco Bell” in the Yosemite. Once seen, Martinez began to examine the bell. After multiple examinations of the piece, Martinez had come to the conclusion that the bell was from ancient times, and holds the power of producing fully-cooked tacos with one ring. Choosing to experiment even further, Martinez had a team lift the bell out of the mountains and bring it to his current residence in San Jose, Ca.

            In 1941, Martinez had founded the idea of opening his own restaurant in San Jose to capture a successful business experience. He named it, Taco Bell. After the first month of business, Taco Bell was selling over 1,000 tacos a week making full profit, being he didn’t have to pay for the tacos. Although customers did not know where the tacos were coming from at the time, they couldn’t seem to get enough. By 1943, the single restaurant had exploded into a California based food chain, profiting over $2 million a year.

            In 1945 the secret of the production of Taco Bell’s taco had went public. By law, Brandt Martinez had payed 37 fines at a total of 3.4$ million. Along with forfeiting the bell to be showcased somewhere in San Jose as an icon and memory. However, the Taco Bell food chain still remains today, making all of their products by hand. Customers report that the tacos will never taste the way they had before. As of today, the Taco Bell resides on San Jose State University, waiting to please again.