Known for purposefully misplacing items of importance at the most inconvenient of times, the “Tdahmmitt” [damn-it] (the “T” is silent), is the devious elf-like creature responsible for the ruined plans of many throughout all of time.  Today, very little documentation of Tdahmmitt is available, ever since nearly all records of it went mysteriously misplaced.  Tdahmmitt by nature is incredibly swift and stealthy, and often goes unnoticed.  The name “Tdahmmitt” originates from an ancient central African folk tale.  According to the Amamba tribe prophet Awutu, the tale describes a villager by the name of Ziwa Djako, who claimed he saw an elf snatch his hunting spear at dawn.  Ziwa told the entire village of the creature, but everyone laughed at him once he found his spear sitting in plain sight beside the doorway of his hut.  Out of anger and frustration, Ziwa shouted “Tdahmmitt!”  Since then, as a tribal joke, the Amamba people blamed Tdahmmitt for everything that went temporarily missing.  Over centuries of time, word of Tdahmmitt spread across the globe.

Today, thousands more sightings have been reported.  However, most of the world still remains skeptic and continue to criticize these claims.  Worldwide controversy sparked hundreds scientific studies to confirm or disprove Tdahmmitt’s presence.  Most famously, British Intelligence agent Bernard Humphrey attempted to set up an elaborate scheme to catch the Tdahmmitt on tape.  Unfortunately, his plans were soon thwarted once his video camera went missing.  “Tdahmmitt!” Humphrey yelled, “He’s always one step ahead!”  Some claim Humphrey’s misfortune as proof of Tdahmmitt’s existence, while others still insist on debating it.

By: Aaron Wical