When he was born, Chewy's mother knew he was going to achieve great things in life because of how special he was. From the moment he opened his eyes for the first time, he could woof, albeit not strongly, but still. By the age of two, not only could he woof ferociously, he could also speak in human tongue!

His mother did not allow him to speak human in public in fear that he would be taken away from her and forced to join a carnival or circus of some sorts. Reluctantly, he only spoke human around his family. Until one day, a motivational speaker human happened to overhear him somehow. Thus began his journey to stardom.

Chewy was an inspiration to pups worldwide. He was interviewed by every news channel, studies were performed on him and he was even given a personal security detail! He was a gorgeous white Maltese/Shih Tzu, so naturally, he received boatloads of fan and love letters as well.

However, by the time he was ten years old, he had grown tired of all the fame and the constant efforts from the tabloids to exploit his naive image. He was discussing his need to step out of the public’s eyes’ when the motivational speaker human suggested that he become a motivational speaker pup. His first talk was a huge success, so much so that he was able to partner with TED Talks and perform a monologue to the dog population.

As his career flourished, he began to expand the topics he covered in his speeches. Some of his discussions included, “How to Get the Best Belly Rubs from Your Humans” to “Neighborhood Terrorism: Squirrel Edition”, even “Who is the Goodest Boy, Really?”. Not only did he create a sense of fraternity in the canine community, but he also used his platform to advocate for an end to animal cruelty, as well as, raise millions of dollars for homeless dogs worldwide.

Currently, Chewy is living in retirement with his humans who he has wrapped around his paw.

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