Little Johnny was kindergartener in the small town of Forestville, Arkansas. The population of the town was only about 1,000 people, making the community one that was very tight knit. Parents had little to worry about if their children were playing outside until late because they thought of the people in town as family. Johnny went to Belkin Elementary, and he took the bus everyday. His bus stop was in front of an abandoned house that had a lot of vegetation in front. This vegetation included trees, and flowers, and a few shrubs. But one fine day, Johnny’s wait at the bus stop changed forever.  

Johnny arrived at the bus stop at 7:05 am, just as he always did. The bus was to come at 7:20. One day , while Johnny was waiting for the bus, he heard someone say, “hello young man,” in a very friendly voice. He looked around and saw no one, as he was the only person that waited at his stop. Johnny then exclaimed, “Who said that?” The voice replied, “It’s me, the shrub. I have been growing next to these sunflowers and this Willow Tree for a few years now.” The conversation went on, and being a child with a wild imagination, Johnny was not surprised that he was having a conversation with a shrub.

The times went on, and Johnny and the shrub became good friends. Johnny kept their friendship a secret, as he thought that people would only think that he is lying if he was to tell them. Johnny told the shrub what his day was like, and the shrub would do the same. They kept each other company. Then one day, Johnny came to the shrub crying, telling him that his family was moving to a different town, as his dad had just accepted a job offer there. Johnny vowed to visit as often as he could, and did so when he had the opportunity. Legend has it, that if you still visit that abandoned house in Forrestville, Johnny’s old bus stop, you just might come across the talking shrub.