The Talking Tree


The tree bark is dark brown in color, has a rough feel to it and is in the shape of scales. The tree leaves are in shades of green. The branches of the tree droop downward and are whimsy. The face of the tree is located in the middle of the thickest part of its trunk. The tree has two yellowish, brown eyes, a protruding hump that resembles a nose and mouth.


The talking tree’s average height is comparable to the whispering willow tree. The tree does have the capability of growing as tall as a giant sequoia tree, given the optimal level of care. This mystical tree sheds all of its leaves in the fall and goes dormant in the winter. The talking tree’s root system, intermingle between the surface of the ground and beneath the soil. The talking tree has a lifespan of a hundred thousand years.


Expert level of care is needed for the talking tree to survive and thrive. Its root system needs precisely 100 gallons of water a week. The water needs to be divided up and rationed out, so that the trees roots are moist 24 hours a day. The talking trees requires nutrients to be added into the water twice a month, for three days. There must be at least omega-3 essential fatty acids (DHA), zinc, vitamin K, nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, and sulfur in the mixture. The talking tree does extremely well in full sun and is a half a mile away from anything else. It requires mental stimulation, everyday for an hour to survive.