The Time Bell is a magical bell that was placed on the campus of San Jose State by aliens. The bell itself possesses strange qualities that affect the very fabrics of space-time. The passive effect of the bell’s power has cause a time drift to connect our present with the future in the area around the bell. At certain time during the day you can see what is happening in the future if you stand in the affected area around the bell. This phenomenon was first observed in 2012 when a student had passed out drunk on a bench after a party. He woke up and heard people talking and traced it back to the bell. When he examined the bell he saw images of people fighting. He had dismissed it as him tripping balls. However, 1 year after this incident, a fight broke out in front of the bell. The rumors about the Time Bell spread throughout the campus like wildfire. Ever since then students have been trying to peek into the future. Those who can reliably see into the bell are worshipped as seers. A culture developed around the bell and its seers soon afterwards. The Order of The Bell soon fell apart after corruption spread throughout with the head seer attempting to manipulate the people who looked to him for answers. In 2020 there was a riot against the Order and all of its seers were killed. The bell will be removed at the end of 2021.

- Andy Nguyen