The Time Machine is a device that allows passengers to travel through different points in space. Evidence shows that tales of time travel has been shared for centuries. A researcher by the name of Samuel Johnson discovered that time travel stories came from various parts of the world. Folktale of time travel has been shared for thousands of years in countries such as India, Asia and the United States. However, Rip van Winkle developed the concept of time travel in 1819 through a story of a man who traveled to his future. His book has been published around the world giving readers a wider imagination about the boundaries of science. Since then, scientists executed extensive research to master the concept and create a machine that could move individuals and/or objects to any moment in time. Passengers would be able to move backward to the past or forward to the future.


A break through occurred on the evening of February 5, 2010 in a small town in California. Professor Rick Robinson of San Jose State University was the first man to create a machine that could move individuals through time in a safe manner. It has been rumored that Rick Robinson stumbled upon this creation from inspiration he received while reading Rip van Winkles book on time travel. Professor Robinson’s former student shared, “Professor Robinson often told students that the time travel would be mastered one day, but we never though he would be the one to accomplish such a project.” One year later, Professor Robinson is now a multibillionaire from a business he opened called “Travel through Time.” He now charges individuals a fixed amount allowing them to travel to any point in the past or future. According to Donald Trump, “This is a fascinating breakthrough that I would like to be apart of.”

By: Jessica Kim