The Time Traveling Watch

The time traveling watch is a wrist watch that contains the ability for its owner to be able to travel from one time to another. Its science involves complex physics that utilizes movement at the speed of light in order to make time travel possible. The time traveling watch can be adjusted digitally to anytime within a twenty four hour radius at which its owner would be able to travel through time. Since the technology of the time traveling watch is quite complex, its limit is only twenty four hours. Currently there are only 3 time traveling watches that are in existence which were created by scientist Le-Benner, Tom Atoms and their team of scientists. Production of a time traveling watch takes a tremendous amount of resources in order to perfectly quantify quantum physics in order to achieve time movement. Quantum physics or theory is the study of nature as well as the behavior of matter and energy on a subatomic level.


2010-2020 The origins of the time traveling watch began when the invention of the digital watch became apparent to doctor Le-Benner who is an expert on quantum physics. Scientist Le-Benner and his team of scientists pursued to utilize quantum physics in order to manipulate time. He came to a realization that if time can be adjusted accordingly on a digital watch, it can also be manipulated in real time. Le-Benner was sponsored by Half-Life one of the world’s top science research groups during his endeavor. After spending an immense amount of time figuring out ways to manipulate time he was finally able to see results. His first successful time traveling watch was developed in 2020 however, could only have its user travel within a span of one minute. Although one minute wasn’t very much to his sponsors Half-Life, Le-Benner saw it has a huge breakthrough in his research.

2025-2027 After five more years in 2025, Le-Benner and his team of scientists were able to produce another time traveling watch however, its time travel capacity was limited to only 5 minutes. Le-Benner struggled with being able to compress enough energy into the product in order to increase its limit. It wasn’t until 2027 where he met with Tom Atoms the head scientist at Trion Enterprise that he was able to figure out a way to greatly increase the time travel capacity. Working together, they were able to successfully produce the current time traveling watch that has the ability to travel within 24 hours of time.

Current Usage

The watch itself is currently still in the hands of Le-Benner and Tom Atoms and its use is highly restricted because of its unknown dangers. The scientists are still doing massive research in order to produce an effective time traveling watch that would be able to positively affect history or the future through time travel.

David Le