The loss of a baby tooth becomes an exciting moment for both parents and children. Parents are seeing the growth of their children in early stages, while the children have yet to see what mysterious treasures they find the morning after they wake up from losing their tooth. Children are told by their parents to leave their lost tooth under their pillow at night, and as they awake in the morning they will find something left by a special someone.

The discovery of the tooth fairy was rumored to date back to the early years of the 20th century. Legend has been told that back in early times, the belief was that witches may gain control over an individual’s body if that individual had rid of their body part, making it a serious matter for the collection of baby teeth. It was believed that the Tooth Fairy would be the easiest way to collect baby teeth in return of giving a special coin.

The Tooth Fairy has been often rumored to come in the midst of the night while a child is sleeping, and carefully switch out the lost tooth with a coin. This way, children wake up happy but will not realize what its purpose is truly for.

-Jeanette Hoang