The tooth fairy is rumored to be giving more money out than ever before and compared to years past. It is told that the tooth fairy has actually gave more money out to children who leave their teeth out for her to come and pick up. Rumor has it that she is almost leaving a whole extra dollar behind for those pearly whites! The tooth fairy’s extra cash and change potentially can help the economy’s growth, since she is also a working and contributing to our economy, which also leads to influxes in numbers. Whether is be true or false, the tooth fairy is able to leave more or less money, if she would like. Stories say that she has even promoted dental hygiene; leaving toothpaste and tooth care essentials for those whose teeth she took for herself.

Some say the tooth fairy is giving more money out to certain places of the United States. Potentially, the tooth fairy is giving more money out to the South coast than the East coast, or maybe not enough in the Midwest, but plenty on the West Coast. Others would argue and say that the tooth fairy would treat all the same and not give one region more than another. Stories go on to share how the tooth fairy helps the community by her money going to charity, donating it to a better cause, helping others, etc. Some may also say that the money they received from the tooth fairy goes straight into a bank account/piggy bank, or even to buy more sweets to lose more teeth and to get more money.

Most people suggest that the tooth fairy should keep giving more and more of her money, since she seems to be doing just fine on her own and while she is collecting teeth. It is rumored that the tooth fairy gave out around a few hundred million, just for these pearly whites that help us chew and swallow food. Arguments even show that she may even be hitting new records and that she has a real business on her hands (if that means that it will keep contributing to the economy). People may argue and ask why she collects and what she does with these teeth, but hey, she is contributing and helping out our economy!  

 - Ashley Nguyen   
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