Most people who need their drains clears would most likely not do it themselves. This is because mysterious stuff lies in there that nobody would ever imagine and their is only two people who can rid those harmful mysteries for good. When it comes to plumbing they are the best to call with no doubt. Their names are Mario and Luigi. The two twin bros do not fear what hides in the drains. In fact, they go inside them and usually use their feet to stop the mystery monsters out. Most plumbers simply cannot do that but used plumbing tools instead. Mario and Luigi will go deep into the sewers and will discover that there are many mutated beings beneath the sewers. Most of the time they have to rid the giant monster like turtles and some man eating monster mushrooms. Most average plumbers would not dare go farther that a pipe in the kitchen.  Mario and Luigi also know how to rid the main source of the monsters. Usually the Princess would call for their help because the main source targets her and her area. It is known as the king of all the monster turtles and the biggest most deadly of them all. They have given him the name “King Bowser”.  This monster would be a plumber’s nightmare because he will rid anything that get in his path. Mario and Luigi however are skilled enough to have taken out Bowser every time they have encountered him.  Mario and Luigi have not been stopped by any of these creatures including Bowser which means that these are the bros to call for help if there is an issue with your pipe.