The Town of Shallow Edge

Shallow Edge is a small town located on top of Mountain ST. Thomas in the mid western region of  USA. Founded in 1751 as a mining town, Shallow Edge is known for its mountainous terrain and many high cliffs, this unique feature is how the town got its name. Entrance into the town is incredibly difficult, as the main road known as Founders Route is a narrow winding treacherous road. Those who have had the misfortune of hiking up that road travel it in constant fear of falling. As one side of the road is Mountain and the other a cliff leading down to the base of the mountain,unfortunately this road, Founders Route is the only way to enter into town.  As the area above the mountain is constantly covered by a dense fog which is much too opaque for any pilot to fly through. The town is notorious for being extremely hard to enter and extremely hard to leave. Due to this, most of the residents are the descendants of the founding members of the mining town while others are descendants of escaped inmates and wanted criminals who had escaped prison and went to the one place they knew the law wouldn’t follow. The towns population is unknown but some suggest it hasn't grown since the 1857 census when the population was around 1,217 citizens. Life in this mountain town, so out of reach from the rest of the world is unknown. Since its founding in 1751 only seven people have ever been reported to have left its borders alive.