In the 1800’s there was a healer that went by the name of Jamala. She was believed to have supernatural healing powers and knowledge beyond her years. People came to see her from all places of the world. What people failed to accept is that fact that she only healed the people that truly believed in her powers and did not just question her abilities until they saw proof. She not only healed the people in need, but she also guided people in the direction they needed to be guided in. When she passed away at the age of 56, she was buried under a tree that now stands tall next to Clark Hall at San Jose State University. The tree is said to have special powers, and is now named the Tree of Jamala. The people that have heard of Jamala’s story and have read of all the wonderful things she did, will be able to see her in the tree. She looks over the people that make their way by there, and when in need she helps them. The tree offers knowledge for those who need guidance, and heals those who really need healing. She gives simple answers to those who have wondering thoughts, but ultimately it is up to them to decided what they want to do with the information given to them. The tree is not intended to help everyone, again it is only there for the true believers.