Rumor has it there that a troll resides in the depths under the Golden Gate Bridge. Eye-witenesses have told stories about it even before the bridge was contructed. From these records, it appears the troll could very well be over 300 years old.

Ancient records explains that a troll's nature drives him to take control of a bridge before anyone else can. A troll's bridge signfies his worth, and a bridge like the Golden Gate Bridge will make the troll that control it a god among trolls. The troll that make the Golden Gate Bridge his home is indeed quite big and could very well be.

Trolls are known to take tolls from people that attempt to access the bridge. The size of the bridge usually determines the cost that must be paid to cross the bridge. Since the Golden Gate Bridge was built, many people have used it, but none paid the toll. Rumors say the government, aware of the danger the troll possessed, paid off enough toll to last for years to eliminate the threat of public panic. However, in 1960, a newly elected mayor foolishly attempted to eliminate the troll but quickly changed his mind when a few people witnessed the troll dragging down a 23 year old homeless man. Even now the government has set up toll gates to generate enough money to pay the troll.

Qichen Yao