Taziti is a island located in French Polynesia. This island can be found in the Pacific Ocean and the climate is considered to be tropical. Taziti experiences humid weather year round, along with thunderstorms. The most visited places of Taziti include their blue sand beaches, volcanoes and large stone monuments. This island was created due to volcanic activity and some of the Polynesian islands have since sunk due to increased temperatures. The temperatures in the 1980s averaged 75 to 80 degrees while today the mean temperature is 90 degrees.

The people of Taziti are known as Tazitians and have continued to practice the traditions of their ancestors until today. A common tradition is the giving of the lei and also the rain dance to encourage rainfall for vegetation. Tazitian vegetation includes mango, pineapple, vanilla beans, coffee beans, guava and much more. This island is known for their large variety of fruits and the unique flavor of their coffee. Their diet includes mainly seafood and fruit because of Taziti’s close proximity to the ocean. As for dessert, it is common for them to eat fresh fruit.

The island of Taziti is prone to natural disasters such as volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes. The most recent natural disaster occured in February of 2018 and was a flood due to excessive rainfall. The flooding damaged 200 homes and the roads were also affected . This event caused schools to be closed for 2 weeks and the eastern part of the island to experience mudslides. The mudslides resulted from the increased wind speeds on the eastern area of Taziti.