Trundle sketch

A sketch from a witness that encountered a Trundle.

Located in the southern states of America inhabits a tribe of trolls that resides in the deepest and darkest marshes and swamps. The swamps are filled with thick layers of mud and grit an almost impossible to walk through due to tangling vines, poison ivy, and thick thorny brushes.

Nicknamed the Trundles by the local inhabitants of the area, the trolls are described by witnesses to have stench of rotting meat and a strong sour odor resembling spoiled milk lingers in the air whenever a troll is near. Along with the trolls’ unbearable smell, many records describe the Trundles to have hideous scars from the thorny bushes that they hide in, violet rashes from the poison ivy, and under the moonlight their skin reflects a silver sparkle. When spotted in the daylight, the animals are described to have teeth as orange as carrots and have claws compared to a tiger. The trolls can stand on its hind legs like a human but is always seen hunched over as it moves swiftly in the thick mud of the swamp. Although the animal has a fearsome persona, in nature it is rather timid and has characteristics of an introvert. Only to make contacts with the humans that lives within their community when they scavenge for food during the middle of the night.

Local residents have tried multiple times to capture a Trundle but no one has succeeded due to the difficulty and accessibility of the environment it lives in and the swiftness of the creature.

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