The Turducken was discovered in 2013 off the coast of Ghana called Sequeira. It is a mixture of a turkey, duck, and a chicken. Hunter Marshall discovered it deep within a cave. It was found standing on its two legs. The Turducken has an average life span of 20 years. Scientists have measured the Turducken standing at approximately two feet tall and weighing over fifty pounds.  The top portion of its body is a turkey, the mid section, a chicken, and its legs and feet are that of a duck. The Turducken is not accepted and is seen alone due to its body mixture. Turkeys, ducks, and chickens all see the Turducken as odd and isolate it. This is a sad animal but it does not give up on finding another animal to accept it. They are forced to stay with their own kind. The Turducken eats different foods. It can consume that turkeys, ducks, and chicken eat. The Turducken does not stay in the same place for long. Because of its duck-like body, it finds water to stay and swim when the season is right.

By Jade Dozier