Lion Turtle by Atakino Zane.png
The turtle lion is a large scavenger mammal with the body of a lion encase in a turtle shell and can only be found in sub-Saharan Africa. It is a part of the genus Panthera and is a member of the family Felidae. The turtle lion is known to have live during the Cretaceous period and thought to be extinct until a pride of them were discovered in 1902. The turtle lion weight ranges from 350-450 kg (772-992 lb) and with the average body length of 375 cm (12 ft 4 in) it is the largest living cat.


The turtle lion, without its shell, looks just like a larger lion. The color of the turtle lion's fur ranges from dark yellow to bright red. The turtle lion uses its large sharp teeth and claws to rip apart any dead carcasses it can find. The shell of the turtle lion covers the entire body besides its head and legs. The shell is as hard as diamonds and almost impenetribale even against modern guns. It will withdraw inside its shell to sleep or protect itself from predators. Due to these factors, the lion turtle has no known natural enemies.


The lion turtle spends most of its time sleeping. It is active only four hours a day and much of that is spent scavenging for food. Although the lion turtle is a formidable predator, the large shell it carries makes them a very slow animal, unfit for hunting. In order to eat, the lion turtle will wait for another predator to kill its prey. The lion turtle will than approach the other predator and fight it away. The lion turtle's habit of taking food from other predator has given them the nickname of the "Bully."

By Peter N.