The Mermaid is an ocean creature consisting of a human head, the upper body of human being and tale of a fish. The Mermaids have magical powers of such that can create natural disasters if rubbed the wrong way. The female Mermaid attracts males, especially the Aquarian the water bearer and their element is air. Back to Greek  mythology;  Thales of Miletus (640–545 BC) reasoned that “all things are water,” and that the Earth rests on water and life originates from water. During 610–546 BC Alexander, a student of Miletus, had a theory claiming that “life had evolved from moisture” and that “man developed from fish.”

A real Mermaid was caught near Bora Bora an island of French Polynesia. The island is surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef. Bora Bora is a tourist destination where Mermaids have been spotted. In 1854, Sebastian saw a Mermaid while visiting and he argued that mermaids are real. He was captivated by her presence and charisma. Sebastian’s encounter was captivating and captured her hair clip. Once this is taken she stays with him, but when the clip is found she must return to sea. However, one caveat is that she returns to sea and a disaster occurs. In this case the volcanoes nearby erupted causing all tourists to escape. He argued that mermaids are real and that is why the volcano erupted back in 1854. The search was launched and the sea mammal was linked to humans. It was said that man should not associate himself because she would bring misfortune.