The UFO of Silicon Valley

It has been gossiped that the UFO of Silicon Valley has been sighted from the mid 1950’s till March 22, 2012. UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. The UFO of Silicon Valley is said to be made of a shiny metallic substance in the shape of a, “V,” and disappear within ten seconds of anyone seeing it. There have been documentaries of people reporting sightings of strange lights in the sky that they believe to be alien space crafts. There have also been claims that some people have even been abducted by aliens and have been studied by the foreign life forms. Rumors say that the reason why the UFO of Silicon Valley frequents the area is because it has been involved with companies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook to give them an upper hand in technological advances in industry and eventually take over the world. Corporate offices of the three companies are located within a fifty mile radius. The UFO of Silicon Valley has been mentioned in published articles to have existed since ancient times and helped numerous societies on Earth rise in power such as the Roman Empire. Although no real footage of the UFO exists, it has been speculated that the craft interferes with cameras so it cannot

Robert Min