The Ukinawa people ,native to what is now recognized as Finland ,were in existence from the year 946a.d.-1298a.d. according to archaeologist Douglas McKinney. It has been determined by the archaeologists on the Board of Population and Capacity that the population of Ukinawa grew to 3.4 million by 1250 a.d. and remained confined to twelve mile section of land in the southern region of Finland for the duration of their existence. The life expectancy for an Ukinawanian was 51 years and the height of an Ukinawanian did not exceed 4’6 according to forensic pathologist Carolina Dubell . According to an article that appeared in Mythology and Archaeology magazine published in 2007 “ ..the short stature of the Ukinawa people and their tendencies to live under bridges inspired many early writers to include characters known as “trolls” in their tales .”

In 2008 researchers and  forensic pathologists from Finland, The United States, and France  reached a consensus  on the cause of the extinction of this population  and released a joint  public statement  “ It has been determined that an impact with the force of over 400 tons  concentrated in an area spanning 5 miles in width is responsible for the extinction of the Ukinawa people.”.  In 2009 researcher Ted Roberts from  NASA tested samples of the land the Ukinawa people inhibited and determined  “ ..trace amounts of the rare element  Chlorophomforicnavosi have been detected  in the land  samples tested . The only other recorded discovery of this element was from an asteroid that landed in Austria on February 2, 1972 . The discovery of this element in addition to the mass crater supports the assertion  that a large asteroid is the culprit for the extinction of the Ukinawa people .”