The Ultimate Dream Machine

In the year 2000, Dr. David Warren invented a revolutionary hi-tech device known as, The Ultimate Dream Machine. Dr. Warren felt that dreams played an important role in one’s life and were necessary for their present and future development. However, Dr. Warren believed that unless our dreams could be captured and reviewed they were a wasted occurrence in our lives.  He was determined to create a device that would allow individuals to record and revisit the contents of their dreams. Inspired by his own curiosity, Dr. Warren used his knowledge to conduct research across several fields, and created The Ultimate Dream Machine.

The Ultimate Dream Machine is a one of a kind device that allows an individual to record their dreams during deep sleep and then review them in a conscious state. This is a small portable device that is user friendly and easy to operate.  It consists of a wearable one-size fits all type headgear with attached electrodes. Before sleeping, the individual places the headgear on their head.  While one is sleeping, the machine records all dreams emanating from the brain through a series of electrodes that are attached to the forehead. After one wakes up, they can remove the headgear and connect it to a computer through a USB connector.  Once the device is connected, the user can download their dreams onto the computer where the dreams can be viewed, saved, or deleted.

The Ultimate Dream Machine has been tested extensively on adults and has not resulted in any negative side effects, sleep issues or dream disturbances while using this device. Although The Ultimate Dream Machine has been tested to be 100% safe for adults, it is not advised to be used by individuals younger than 18 years of age.

-Vani Suri