Heaven on Earth was a very small city that used to be in what is now San Francisco around 500-1000 AD.  In ancient texts it was said only who those who were pure and sin free could live in the city where unlimited wants and needs could be made.  Where suffrage didn’t exist and where happiness perpetually lived.  It was found by the ancient romans which lead to their rise in power to conquer the world and keep secret of this place.  Word came around of this Heaven on Earth once Rome fell off from power and the search began of this place.  The search for this place highly ended up in failure from the stories of sea monsters, shipwrecks, and starvation that came along the journey.  It wasn’t until Columbus that first made it to what’s now the United States where the bar was set.  The city was that much closer however by then people started to believe it was only a fairytale and the incentive to find the city was at a low point when we started to see settlement in the states rather than searches.  With the city lost, it wasn’t until the start of 1848 where the discovery of gold was made in the area of San Francisco.  Legend was brought again of the city’s location of Heaven on Earth.  People believed that from the gold it would lead to the power of the city beneath and so the race was on.  Several years later no luck was found of an actual city and doubt filled the minds of the people.  Questions began as to why the stories came to be.  With the modern technology today, archaeologists are finding artifacts of what may have consisted of a potential city before.  Perhaps the city of Heaven on Earth.