The Volare Forest

The Volare forest (English Italian for “the flying forest) is a 29343 m2 region located in the north coast of Ecuador, 2304 meters above sea level. This region is famous because of its gravitational abnormality, similar to the mystery spot located in Santa Cruz, CA. Even though they are similar, the Volare forest is a much bigger region, where the gravitational force does not exist. This abnormality is what makes people suspend in the air. The region was discovered in 1891 by brother explorers Thomas and Nicolas Borate on their journey to discover “El Dorado,” the mythical city of gold.

The discovery:

The Borate brothers set out on a two month expedition determined to explore every inch of the forest. They were searching for clues that could help them discover “El Dorado.” On October 28, 1891, they entered a part of the forest where flora was intact and there was no evidence of previous human contact. Immediately after entering that part of the forest, they began suspending in the air. They realized that gravitational force was nonexistent. The only way to fight the non-gravitational force and get back down to the surface was by climbing down the trees. The Borate brothers decided to name it Volare forest due to its unique non-gravitational property.


Since the discovery of the Volare forest, scientists have dedicated time and effort on trying to understand the abnormality but no conclusions have been adopted. A strong theory by Phillip Thomason explains that the gravitational abnormality is caused by the fact that the forest is located in the middle of the earth in the Ecuador. The Ecuador refers to an imaginary line on the Earth’s surface which divides Earth into the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. The tectonic plates in this region have an extreme magnetic field which causes gravity to not exist.

Another theory proposed by the natives in the area and Scientologists is that the abnormalities experienced in the Volare forest are the work of UFO’s, vehicles from other planets that contain intelligent life for the purpose of visiting Earth. Area natives believe the Volare forest is the location where extraterrestrial life forms land when they visit Earth. They believe the lack of gravitational force ensure the UFO’s assist in providing a smooth and quiet landing. Scientologists are actively involved in closely monitoring this region no conclusive evidence has been collected.

There is much of the Volare forest that still needs to be explored and the modern-age technological advances can aid in explaining this abnormality in gravitational force.