The Warp Drive is often described as a faster than light system used to travel through space. This system requires for the Warp Drive to have infinite energy in order to accelerate to light speed. Traveling faster than light breaks the light barrier as planes traveling faster than sound have broken the sound barrier.  In order to obtain light speed travel, developed technology known as the “gravimetric displacement field manifold,” also commonly known as the warp core, allows for such travel to be possible.

Matter has a positively charged, while anti-matter is oppositely charged. For the warp core to function properly, the reaction of matter and anti-matter occurs simultaneously. Through this simultaneous reaction, enormous amounts of energy is created which allows the warp drive to activate and accelerate to light speed. Due to the intensity of the reaction, both matter and anti-matter when they come into contact are controlled inside the reaction chamber, which is surrounded by powerful magnetic fields. The magnetic fields hold the anti-matter in place because if the reaction chamber were to ever fail, the reaction from the anti-matter would cause a catastrophic release of energy and would result with an explosion. If anyone were to tamper with the reaction chamber, it would forcefully cause a self-destruct sequence in which would also result in a catastrophic explosion.

Joseph Ordaz-Hoang