The white lady is rumored to be someone who comes out the lake at night when someone says “White lady, white lady I have your baby.” The infamous white lady was supposedly strolling around stow lake in Golden Gate Park with her baby one night. She was talking to someone that night and without noticing, her baby in the stroller rolled down in the lake. She was asking everyone “Have you seen my baby?” She suddenly stopped asking people and decided to go inside the lake to find her baby. After she went inside the lake, she never appeared back.

It’s been told that if someone goes to stow lake and chants “White lady, white lady I have your child,” three times then she will come out the lake. She later says “Have you seen my child?” If you say yes, then she will haunt you, but if you say no, then she will kill you.

It is also rumored that if someone shines their lights at the statue of the pioneer woman and her children then she will show up. If car lights are shined at the statue or if people are around the statue at night, then she will show up. At first, there will be weird occurrences that will happen before she shows up. These are the urban legends of the story behind the white lady.

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