The Wind Diet

The wind diet, is based on foods and drinks made out of air. The diet’s main target are people who are on the go, and do not have a lot of money. To do this, they just take air, hence no calories are taken in. This diet has been created by the internet sensation Jenna Marbles, as part of her video consisting of life hacks. She constructed this diet based on the time people h

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ave to prepare meals, and to keep it in their budget. Air on average, is free, with the higher quality ones averaging at $8 for a week's supply of fresh air. According to researchers, this has been the cheapest diet in the world, and the most effective. About seven million people joined the challenge of this diet and have shed twenty times more weight compared to other diets. More than 87% of people start seeing results after the first week of the wind diet.

Air can be taken in a variety of ways. Most people, especially when they only have a limited amount of time, just take quick gulp, and leave for their duties. Others, however, who want to enjoy their wind diet, place air into a glass and drink it with a straw. Air can also be cooked in air fryers, giving a little flavor to the air intake. However, adding flavor is not always recommended since there is always the chance of adding actual calories into their diets.

Allacia Beatrice Cruz