Prissha is the heir of Kanos. She is a wizard of Jeumland. Prissha is an extremely talented wizard. According to the villagers, Prissha perfected her magic at the age of 5. At 6 years old, she discovered that she has a natural ability to bend water and control air. She quickly learned to bend fire when she turned 10. At the age of 16, Trista was recruited by King Leoric to be his sole protector. It is rumored that King Leoric’s life was saved by Prissha countless of times. Eventually, Prissha realized her full potential and joined the army of Leoric in the quest of exterminating the Evil King. Prissha magic grew even stronger as she traveled across all the realms learning from great wizards. On her head, Prissha wears a crown that was given to her by King Leoric. This crown not only protects her, it also enhances her fire bending ability. Prissha’s weapon of choice is an enchanted bow, also a gift from King Leoric. In one move, Prissha has the ability to change the direction of the wind, yet also stomp the ground and create a massive earthquake. This move not only destroys nearby enemies, but also prevents new enemies from attacking. Prissha eventually found and destroyed the Evil King. She not only brought peace to the citizens of Jeumland, she also brought wealth back to her city. She improved the lives of so many people. After the war, no one knew where Prissha resides. However, it is rumored that she returns to Caladiam in order to train and master her magic with the Angels of High Heaven.