The Woki is a sea creature that lives in the depth of the Tabonda rivers. Its habitat, the rivers of Tabonda, is the greatest river of South America. Its biodiversity is one of the richest of any other river in the world. Its waters are documented as populated by over 2,500 different species of fish. Scientists believe that there are many more that have not been identified yet. Recently discovered in the past decade, the Woki itself. Mammals, amphibians and water snakes also call the Tabonda River home. The river has been a source of protein for the local population for thousands of thousands of years and a source of fresh water.

Often described as the sea dragon, some have claimed to see it fly at night. It rests at 35 feet long. With colors varying from shades of dark green, grey to black. Almost eel-like in appearance. Its diet consists of almost everything that grows and thrives within Tabonda. Because it can also survive on land for short periods of time its diet range is wide. It is a herbivore and omnivore. The woki has no known competitors in the amazon. Some also call it the king of the amazon due to its almost indestructible nature.  

It is a nocturnal beast, It only preys at  night. Although some have claimed to see the creature swim through the rivers during the day, there is no way to confirm because of the woki’s clever nature. Most who have come up close and personal to  the creature never live to speak of it. Some villagers and tribes have even offered up sacrifices and host ceremonial rituals in name if the great beast. This is said to be done to keep the peace between them and the sea monster.

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