Wolf Lions are found in the mountains of Alaska most frequently in Mount Bona. Wolf Lions are members of the felidae family of cats. The average Wolf Lion grows to be 600 pounds with lengths 80 inches head to body measure in a straight line and tails of 39 inches making them one of the largest mammals next to Siberian Tigers. Wolf Lions are most known for having cheetah like senses, quickness and teeth like a shark. Most Wolf Lions have been identified having whitish grey fur with thicker light brown fur around the neck and head.

Like wolves, Wolf Lions run in packs as they hunt and protect their pride. Wolf Lions are carnivores but may appear as herbivores as they tend to eat plants to survive when low on prey. Often times this may happen because the habitat they live in consists of a lot of small on land animals such as, artic hares, reindeers, musk oxen and mountain goats which may only be enough for one Wolf Lion. The pack eats best when a pair of them hunts herds of moose, buffaloes or battle a polar bear. According to scientists, if Wolf Lions resided in sub Saharan Africa, they would win the vote for king of the jungle by the way they control their habitat.

Wolf Lions are not found in any zoos in the world for many reasons. Although they have the sensations of a dog when it comes to humans, they are the most fierce animal in the presents any other animals which makes them unsuitable for any zoo or amusement park. Wolf Lions are hard to capture. A human may be badly injured or face possible death in the interaction with a Wolf Lion because, like dogs, they get excited to see humans but do not know how to control themselves properly to play with or obey humans.